Interview de Peter Greenaway par Gael Roé

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Durant le festival Confrontation, qui avait pour théme les arts, notre reporter Gael Roé a interviewé Peter Greenaway.

Il nous parle des grandes transformations du cinéma.

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steve 01/05/2010 14:22

Great 'interview', Greenaway excels in embarrassing the youth of today who grew up with the new tech, but who struggle to grasp the concept of holding a camera steady, positioning Greenaway in
front of a window which renders the image often un-viewable, along with muffled sound from the 'interviewer' who seemingly lacked preparation and was often at a loss as to what to ask, relying on
'audience participation'. Despite all the technically challenged aspects, Greenaway shows remarkable insights and vitality for the new opportunities offered by new media and a must-see for all
upcoming directors!